COVID-19 correct science!

Operation Phoenix Rising is 8 Doctors, 1 Chemical Engineer with graduate statistics and 2 attorneys. Over 12,000 hours research on COVID-19.

Covid-19 is not a pandemic because we have treatments. We have always had HCQ and Zinc as a treatment. However the media lied about and people have died as a consequence. See the science facts page for links and proof of this. Also the NIH is studied Zinc. Zinc goes into a cell and Prevents COVID-19 from entering the cell.  Also the data from the widely used PCR test is meaningless. See the COVID-19 science facts page for all links and data. 

Treatments for COVID-19: No One needs to die!

  1. HCQ and Zinc work!
  2. Invermectin works!
  3. Anti-body plasma! 
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since 12/2020