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Please, if mainstream media has you brainwashed, choosing to not listen to the message of Robert F Kennedy, please resist propaganda and listen to what this man has to say. I encourage everybody in America to please register as a Democrat right now so we can vote for RFK in the primaries. Stand and unite against Elite globalists with their ‘Divide and Conquer

Breaking News: Lawsuit filed to stop vaccine mandate in Oregon.

Texas files lawsuit against Pfizer. Pfizer death jabs are less than 1% effective.

***MAKE AMERICANS FREE AGAIN (MAFA) is an organization founded by Dr Pam Popper. She has been doing a superb job of reporting on COVID and the Medical Mafia since the beginning of the Scamdemic. her information is only factual based info that has been proven. MAFA is a single issue organization where all walks of life may put aside our differences and come together to support only this concept “I reserve the right to say what kind of medical intervention is undergone for myself and my minor children…My body, my choice”

Speaking at Oregon City Open up.

Speaking at Oregon Capital with Dr. Ealy.

Please help stand for medical freedom by joining MAFA and forming your own group or joining an existing group. We are community minded and have great resources to help with home schooling. We are filing lawsuits against the agencies responsible for the COVID debacle. Go to

New information discusses gain of function research and clots.

NiH bombshell! The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most manipulated infectious disease events in history, characterized by official lies in an unending stream lead by government bureaucracies, medical associations, medical boards, the media, and international agencies.

One’s overall reduction in risk is expressed by the statistic called: absolute risk
reduction. The absolute risk reduction shown in the Pfizer 2-month study for its COVID-19 injection was only 0.84%. Less than 1% efficient!

One more way the covid jabs don’t work! Fully vaccinated cruise ship has covid outbreak.

Royalty payments to staff researchers cause new NIH troubles

Science wars!

Operation Phoenix Rising is 8 Doctors, 1 Chemical Engineer with graduate statistics and 2 attorneys. Over 16,000 hours research on COVID-19.

Covid-19 is not a pandemic because we have treatments. We have always had HCQ and Zinc as a treatment. However the media lied about and people have died as a consequence. See the science facts page for links and proof of this. Also the NIH is studied Zinc. Zinc goes into a cell and Prevents COVID-19 from entering the cell.  Also the data from the widely used PCR test is meaningless. See the COVID-19 science facts page for all links and data. 

Treatments for COVID-19: No One needs to die!

  1. COVID-19 early treatment: real-time analysis of 1,275 studies Many natural prevention and cures for COVID 19.
  2. Invermectin works!
  3. Anti-body plasma! 
  4. Donate on

The COVID vaccines are gene manipulation with their efficiencies based on PCR tests which are 97% false positives. The COVID19 vaccines have caused more than 27000 deaths in the USA and more than 2 million strong adverse reactions. Covid Death rate is 0.3% The vaccines are mRNA technology. Mn means messenger. There exist millions of messenger RNA in the human body.  Each messaging RNA has only one message to give to a cell. This RNA tells the cell to make a single spike protein. This doesn’t look like Covid to the immune system or human eye. Look in any college biology book. Or Biology at your local library. Section should be 570. Most biology books will have this in them. However, some don’t.

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