Covid Vaccine

Death Jab Detox

You are most likely here because of a Facebook post.

First find out what was in your jab. Follow this link

Also please go to any library and check out a biology book which has cell replication in it. Read that chapter.

Depending how long ago you had the jab which gave you the problem will depend on how long you will need to fix the issue once you do the correct procedure. I am Professor Dave I teach college biology at


Take 1 aspirin a day to thin your blood. If you have blood issues like too thin of blood or easily bleed then dont do this.

Drink 1 oz of water per each pound of your weight per day. This will make more new blood which can absorb the spike proteins clots.

Take a good vitamin with iron to help make more blood

Read about cell replication in the biology book. Every cell in your body replicates at most in 14 days. Any cell spike protein cells will be gone within 3 months. This is why they want people to take the death jab every three months.

The clots are spike proteins and nanoparticles. If these are stuck to the vein walls then we dont want to loosen them quickly. This would cause the clot to dislodge and cause a heart attack or brain clot. Therefore, the vitamin with zinc and copper and water will over a longer time dissolve the clot. You should start feeling better soon but the issue may not be gone in a few months depending how long ago you had the jab.

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