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This page is lies and bullshit analysis.

Immune responses of a subset of 230 children 6 through 23 months and a subset of 260 children 2 through 5 years of age who received a two-dose primary series of the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine at 25 micrograms (mcg) of messenger RNA (mRNA) per dose were compared to immune responses among 290 adults 18 through 25 years who received two higher doses of the vaccine in a previous study which determined the vaccine to be effective in preventing COVID-19. In these FDA analyses, the immune response to the vaccine, of both age groups of children, was comparable to the immune response of the adults.  

What they did is compare 6 month old-2 years old to adults with the same jab (vaccine) This is like comparing apples and oranges and saying its okay because they are both fruits. Younger infants have still developing immune systems. Adults have fully developed immune systems. What they should have done is used children from 6 months to 2 years without the jab. However they knew that wouldn’t work because they did this with the 6 year to 11 year jab. They found no difference in hospitalizations, emergence room visits or death from both groups.

Pfizer’s EUA application for children 5 to 11 showed zero reductions in hospitalizations, ICU visits, or deaths from coronavirus. The FDA and CDC stated that zero was clear proof of efficacy and approved it as quickly as possible.

No one needs a jab anyway!

NIH says zinc works!

Another NIH article. Zinc inhibits COVID going into cell.

NIH bombshell! The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most manipulated infectious disease events in history, characterized by official lies in an unending stream lead by government bureaucracies, medical associations, medical boards, the media, and international agencies.[3,6,57] We have witnessed a long list of unprecedented intrusions into medical practice, including attacks on medical experts, destruction of medical careers among doctors refusing to participate in killing their patients and a massive regimentation of health care, led by non-qualified individuals with enormous wealth, power and influence. Professor White has Graduate 461 statistics. The Covid jab data is completely nonsense! VAERS COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Reports 1,301,354 Reports Through June 10, 2022. It is well known only 10% of these events get reported to In 2021 this showed a 4% death rate due to the jabs. However in May 2021 HHS started deleting data to get the percent lower. This is why was made. It goes out and gets the HHS data right after midnight prior to anyone being able to “adjust” it.

28859 deaths, 163121 hospitalizations, 130309 urgent care, 195201 Doctor Office Visits, This data is only for United states.

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Vaccine Exemption flyer

Pfizer’s EUA application for children 5 to 11 showed zero reductions in hospitalizations, ICU visits, or deaths from coronavirus. The FDA and CDC stated that zero was clear proof of efficacy and approved it as quickly as possible.

Fraud in Pfizer’s vaccine data.

  • The COVID vaccines are gene manipulation with their efficiencies based on PCR tests which are 97% false positives. The vaccines are mNRA. Mn means messenger. There are millions of these in the human body. One mn has only one message for a cell. This message is to create a single spike protein. This doesn’t look like the Covid molecule! The covid jabs don’t work! Go to any library find college biology books and look up mnra. The vaccines have a death rate of 1.6% and strong adverse reaction of 8%. Covid Death rate is 0.3%. There exist multiple natural treatments. HCQ and Zinc work! COVID-19 early treatment: real-time analysis of 1,275 studies Many natural prevention and cures for COVID 19.

In May of 2020 I caught the Johns Hopkins University doubling the positive cases from the CDC every day. I tracked it for ten days and then sent it to the head of their COVID group. They stopped doing that the very next day. However the faulty Gates Foundation Simulations were based on this data. Operation Phoenix Rising has 5 publish manuscripts based on data and over 14,000 hours of research. No variant is worse than its parent. Web search this! Omicron variant is mild.

Pfizer’s EUA application for children 5 to 11 showed zero reductions in hospitalizations, ICU visits, or deaths from coronavirus. The FDA and CDC stated that zero was clear proof of efficacy and approved it as quickly as possible. This is BS analysis!

The deadliest COVID vaccines were delivered to Red states.

Fraud in Pfizer’s vaccine data.

To prevent getting COVID-19 or to reduce its severity, our doctors say to take Vitamins A, C, D, and E, as well as zinc with copper and tonic water.  Tonic water contains quinine, which is the active ingredient in HCQ (Hydroxychloroquine).
Vitamin A, 1000 mcg, 100% Daily value

Vitamin C ,100 mg, 100%    D3, 20 mcg, 100%

Zinc. 15 mg, 136%                Copper, 1 mg, 111%

B-12,  6 mcg, 100%              Calcium, 500 mg, 35% Magnesium, 200mg, 45%

HCQ is effective for COVID-19 when used early: meta analysis of 190 studies

WHO Chief Scientist: No Evidence COVID Vaccine Prevents Transmission

Short video: Urgent Information on the CV-19 Vaccine – Dr. Carrie Madej (  The vaccines are stick proteins (gene therapy) and won’t prevent anyone from getting COVID.

NIH says zinc works!

Another NIH article. Zinc inhibits COVID going into cell.

COVID-19 Early Treatment: a real-time analysis of 1,275 studies shows that there are many natural preventions and cures for COVID-19.

Children’s extremely low risk confirmed by study

Covid molecule is 50-140 nanometers. Mask holes are 50-500 microns! No mask works and masks dumb down your immune system.

Our 5th COVID published manuscript. Executive Summary has the link to the manuscript. In this manuscript, with all worldwide data, there exists no Asymptomatic transmission of COVID. PCR testing is 97% false positives.

Our 4th COVID Published manuscript. The CDC broke federal law when it threw out the pandemic book, they had used for seventeen years and had staff make the wrong rules we are now living under.  94% of COVID-labeled deaths are not due to COVID-19. Our 4th manuscript published.  We sent the printed manuscript and this request to 240 attorney generals and staff on 10/16/2020. They arrived by Tuesday 10/20/2020. Our Grand Jury request of the CDC. More than 70 lawsuits against the CDC!

Our 3rd COVID Published manuscript. Are Children Really Recovering 99.9584% of the Time From COVID-19?

Our 2nd COVID Published manuscript based on data.

If COVID Fatalities Were 90.2% Lower, How Would You Feel About Schools Reopening?
COVID has a death rate of 0.3% The COVID-9 vaccines have caused more than 21,000 deaths in the USA and more than 1 million strong adverse reactions requiring hospitalization.

Are Children Really Recovering 99.9584% of the Time From COVID-19

Five Proofs COVID is not airborne transmitted

  1. This manuscript clearly shows only 17% of air samples in a hospital Covid ward had covid and only 9% were actually covid.
  2. Sweden and Denmark. One country completely shut down and followed all WHO guidelines. One country did nothing, and their infection rates were almost identical!
  3. George Floyd riots (or peaceful protests). Those young adults were shoulder to shoulder and back-to-back for two weeks prior to mask mandate. If Covid was highly transmittable those riots would have lasted 3 or 4 days and the young adults all would be home sick!
  4. Homeless camps would have been decimated if Covid was highly transmittable!
  5. Random vs. systematic. We have all watched a pandemic movie where it starts and balloons out from one location then some people go from that location to another location, and it balloons out there. This is an indication of systematic virus. A system is causing the growth. For Covid it was random. In any town there were a few cases in one area, then a few in another and so on. Never ballooning in any area!

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